Remembering Maggie St. Clair

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Family is at the heart of what band is all about. Beyond rivalry and pride is a common bond that unites all of our programs together. In this, we mourn alongside our fellow band members in times of tragedy. On Saturday, November 24, our brothers and sisters in the Michigan Marching Band lost one of their own.

Maggie St. Clair, longtime Director of Operations for the University of Michigan Bands, passed away Saturday morning. We know firsthand the work that goes on behind the scenes to make a successful band run. Maggie was an exemplary model of all that goes into the administration of a band program. She interacted with the Spartan Marching Band many times – always a beacon of professionalism and pride in her work. Beyond that, however, she was simply a wonderful
person – devoted, passionate, caring, and loving.

The Michigan Marching Band shared this about Maggie St. Clair:

It is impossible to encompass everything that Maggie meant to the Michigan Marching Band in a short statement. She has been the heart of this organization for decades. The high standards that she held herself andMa those around her to helped shape the MMB into what it is today. Maggie has touched the lives of thousands of individuals within the University community. Her commitment and unrelenting passion for the organization will be greatly missed. Her contributions will be a part of the fabric of the Michigan Marching Band forever. She was a Leader and she was the Best.

Our thoughts are with her family and her family in the University of Michigan Bands.