Game Day _Schedule_

Game Day Schedule

Many people ask about the SMB schedule on game days. Here is a breakdown, based on kickoff time. Note that this is a guideline only. Every game day can be different!

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Time Before Kickoff Example for Noon Kickoff Activity Location
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5 hours 7:00 AM Morning Band rehearsal at the corner of Shaw and chestnut lane. Bleachers are available for spectators. Munn Field
5 hours 7:00 AM Parking locations are open at 7 a.m. for noon and 1 p.m. kickoffs, 9 a.m. for 3:30 p.m. kickoffs, 1 p.m. for Saturday evening kickoffs and 3:30 p.m. for Friday evening kickoffs Parking
2 hours 10:00 AM Drumline performs in front of SBS Student Book Store
1.5 hours 10:30 AM Band warm-up at Adams Field Adams Field
1 hour 11:00 AM Band marches from Adams Field to Spartan Statue, then up Red Cedar Road to the stadium Adams Field
20 minutes 11:40 AM Band enters the field for pregame Spartan Stadium
0 12:00 AM Kickoff Spartan Stadium
After game 3:30 PM Postgame Show Spartan Stadium
After Postgame 4:00 PM The band marches along Red Cedar Road, then up Chestnut to the north side of Dem Hall. Band is dismissed. Demonstration Hall