June 28, 2017

Spartan Brass for 2016-17

The Spartan Brass is Michigan State University’s Athletic Band that proudly supports Volleyball, Hockey, as well as Men’s and Women’s Basketball.

Frequently asked questions regarding auditions for Spartan Brass

1. Do I have to be enrolled at MSU? Yes, you MUST be regularly admitted and a full time student at MSU in order to participate in the Spartan Brass.

2. Is Spartan Brass a class? Yes, members must sign up for MUS 115 in the spring semester and pay for one credit. This is not optional. Students already enrolled in a College of Music ensemble for the spring semester do not have to enroll for an addition credit. Spartan Brass meets most Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5:10-6:00pm in Demonstration Hall during the hockey and basketball season.

3. How much time is required to be a part of Spartan Brass? You can expect an average of 2-4 gigs (performances) per week. (This includes rehearsal time) The full band always performs at men’s basketball games along with select volleyball, hockey, and women’s basketball games. The full group is divided in to two smaller bands (Green and White) to perform at volleyball, hockey, and women basketball games. A master schedule of all gigs is given to members at the first rehearsal.

a. Instrumentalists should prepare a solo or etude, no longer than two minutes. Contrasting styles are recommended. A marching band excerpt is acceptable, but NOT ADVISED.

b. Percussionists (drum set players) must exhibit mastery of all styles and sight reading ability. All Drum Set players will play for Dr. Jon Weber before schedule audition date. Email or see Dr. Weber for details (weberjon@msu.edu).

c. Electric Bass players must attend the first rehearsal in Dem Hall and perform with the band (sight read). Bring your own E. Bass, we will supply the amp.

4. When do auditions take place?

a. Auditions for the 2016-17 season will be Tuesday, October 11, from 7:00 – 9:00 in Dem Hall.

5. What instruments make up Spartan Brass? How many spots are available? The instrumentation of Spartan Brass is as follows:

Alto Sax (10), Tenor Sax (6), Trumpet (30 = 10 1st, 10 2nd, 10 3rd),
Mellophone (10), Trombone (20 = 6 1st, 7 2nd, 7 3rd), Baritone (12),
Tuba (6), Electric Bass (2), and Drum Set (3).

This instrumentation is divided evenly to create the aforementioned Green and White Bands.