Mindi (Murray) Jarman – Color Guard Director

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Mindi (Murray) Jarman is a Michigan State University and Spartan Marching Band Alumna. She graduated in 2011 with a degree in Interdisciplinary Humanities, focusing in Spanish and Latin American history. She continued her education at the University of Michigan, graduating with a Masters of Elementary Education in 2015. Mindi participated in the Spartan Marching Band Color Guard from 2006-2010 under the direction of Orlando Suttles. She was a member of State of Art Winterguard from 2006-2010 under the direction of Peter Eichler.

Mindi joined the Spartan Marching Band Staff in 2016. She brings 12 years of experience working with diverse color guards across the state. Mindi believes that all students have skills and assets that can be applied the SMB and their degree programs to make both a more colorful experience. Her passion for teaching shows through as she interacts with each individual on the team. She continues to work to grow the SMBCG through clinics, classes, and outreach within the state of Michigan.

Mindi currently lives in the Lansing area with her husband, John, their dog, Moses, and their cat, Stanley. She teaches Preschool in Williamston, Michigan. Mindi loves glitter, animals, being around people, and sustainability.