Krystle Forbes – Assistant Color Guard Director

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Krystle Forbes joined the Spartan Marching Band staff in 2017 as an Assistant Color Guard Director. Krystle is the team’s flag technician and administrative guru- doing much of the behind the scenes work to keep the program running smoothly and efficiently. In working with students, aims to provide all the information students need to be successful, while also encouraging students to identify challenges and problem-solve with the given tools and resources, Krystle believes that marching band and color guard are a vital part to student success while at university because students who feel a sense of ownership and belonging are more likely to persist through to the completion of their degrees.

Krystle is an alumna of both the Spartan Color Guard and State of Art Winterguard, when she marched for 3 seasons, and won 3 circuit titles, and 1 WGI national championship. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Cultures and Politics and International Relations, and again in 2017 with a Master of Arts in Student Affairs Administration. She has an extensive background in student support ranging from high school college success coaching, to K-12 tutoring and mentoring, and non-profit management. Krystle currently works as a career services and internship advisor for graduate students. When not doing coaching color guard or winter guard, Krystle enjoys a good read or quilting.