Meet the Band: Tenor Saxophones

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The Spartan Tenors are one of two woodwind sections of the SMB. Leading the section of 18 members for the 2017-2018 season is Senior Section Leader Alex Klingel, as well as Squad Leader Seniors Sarah Sheridan, Aryka Thomson, Hayden Stoub, and Junior Taylor Evon.

The SMB Tenors are well known for their “Scotland the Brave” rendition, popularly called ‘Ditty’. While kicking, playing, and sometimes marching, the Tenors have a blast performing their tune in East Lansing and across the country. This tradition began in the 90’s when some of the Tenors played “Scotland the Brave” to ironically poke fun at the Fighting Irish. In 1998 on Halloween, the Tenors dressed up as the Irish Guard, and the following season ‘Ditty’ became a pregame tradition.

Speaking of Halloween, the Tenors also have a tradition of ‘dressing to impress’ for the holiday. The past 4 years, either officially or unofficially, the Tenors have won the annual SMB section costume contest. Some of those costume ideas included dressing up as the Stanford Marching Band (complete with twirlers), the SMB Sparty Watch (it took a lot of spray paint to be a bronze Sparty), and even an elaborate BP oil spill this past year. Where ever they go they don’t take themselves too seriously.

Bleed Green!