Meet the Band: Mellophones

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On gamedays, seen from afar in sectionals on Adams field, the Mellophone Section can be distinguished from the pack as it huddles and chants three times, “Spartan Mellos/ Brass Playing War Machines/ Trained to Fight, Trained to Kill/ Trained to Die, But Never Will!” For the record, they wouldn’t hurt a fly. This mantra exemplifies the passion, intensity and drive with which each of the 26 Mellophones approach performing with The Spartan Marching Band.

Comprised of 8 new members and 18 veterans (specifically, 4 fourth years, 4 third years, 10 second years), the Mellophone section has one of its youngest sections to date! Led by section leader Hannah Trezise, the Mellophones also boast outstanding squad leaders in Justin Hoffman, Kelsey Ordway, Steven Hogan, Hanna Sajdak, Sarah Hughes and Joseph Essenburg.

Unfortunately, the origins of many Mellophone traditions have been lost to history. Nevertheless, the section is incredibly proud of everything that sets them apart from the rest of the band. For example, along with the Mello chant, one can also catch the Mellophone line– arranged from tallest to shortest member– playing pregame fight… but on the person to their left’s horn. At the last in-season rehearsal of the year, the Mellophones also partake in the cherished tradition known as “Primary Instruments Day.” Originally created as a means to remind the band’s fans of what a French Horn looks like, the event has become something of a chaotic gathering of instruments and non-instruments (IE: frying pans and wooden spoons) with which they perform the attendance block’s Falcone Fight.

Other, smaller traditions include White Mellophant Gifts, pillow pets, a widely recognized–and questionably obnoxious– Vegetable Game, contested ownership of a mounted deer between the Mellos and Trombones, and, of course, loving each other like family. For more information on any of these traditions, feel free to approach the Mellophone tailgate on game days and introduce yourself!