Meet the Band: Alto Saxophones

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The Alto Saxophone section includes thirty-six members, twenty-four of whom are veterans in the SMB. These members are part of many colleges throughout the university, including the College of Music (9 members), Lyman Briggs College (7), the College of Engineering (4), Broad College of Business (4), James Madison College (3), the College of Natural Science (1), the College of Social Science (1), RCAH (3), and three undecided. In the Alto section, there is a combined 77 years of SMB experience with four fourth-year members, nine third-year members, eleven second-year members, and twelve first-year members. Although most of the section are alto saxophone players, eleven of the thirty-six members play the clarinet as their primary instrument, two originally played the flute, and one member plays bassoon.

The Alto Saxophones are led by section leaders Caleb Doerr and Eric “Smokey” Locker. In addition to them, there are six other squad leaders: James O’Neill, Zach Woloszyk, Andrew Acciaioli, Davis Donigan, Octavius Hernandez, Kyle Syrba, and Megan Wild.

The Alto Saxophone section is more commonly referred to as the Otlas (Alto backwards). The origin of this nickname was lost to history, but we know for sure that this nickname has been used since the 80s. This name is shouted by our section during the Series cadence in the SMB’s march to the stadium on gameday and as a part of our section cheer on Adams Field during warm-ups outside the Music Building.

Every year, the Alto section (Otlas) plays the Baritone section (Hoo-ahs) in a game of kickball on top of the Shaw Parking Ramp. This game is played for bragging rights and the coveted Hoolah Cup (Hooah + Otla), a styrofoam cup and bowl glued together and covered in tin-foil. This year, the Hoolah Cup will be played for the 8th time with the Altos looking to defend their title as champions. Additionally, every year around the holiday season the section gets together to exchange gifts and have a big potluck dinner at an event called Alto Thanksgiving.

The altos are also known for having the greatest tailgate in the universe, hosted by Rick and Carrie Germain.