September 27, 2023

Sponsorship Opportunities for the MSU Bands

The Alumni Band continues to support a number of scholarships and projects, and encourages your support of them also. Primary among these are the John Whitwell Band Scholarship Fund, the Ken Bloomquist Scholarship Fund, and the SMB Jackets Sponsorship Fund. To contribute to these worthwhile projects, or you can visit the following link:

On that page, under “Search for Fund”, type in any of the codes listed below.

Please note – to receive the official acknowledgement from MSU, donations (for any item) must be made directly through University Advancement (on-line donation). Donations through the Alumni Band tickets above are not tax-deductable. Thank you!

Endowed Scholarships

Over the years there have been a number of MSU endowed scholarships created that are available for financial assistance to students who participate in the MSU Bands. Established with an initial funding amount, these endowments can often benefit tremendously from additional funding. What a great way to make a tax-deductible contribution to MSU and at the same time, show your support of the MSU Bands!

Walter Adams Memorial Endowed Scholarship in Marching Band – AE0648
Kenneth G. Bloomquist Endowed Fellowship in Wind Conducting – AE068
Leonard Falcone Endowed Memorial Scholarship – AE0603
Leonard Falcone Memorial Bands Scholarship Endowment – AE060709
John L. and Carole A. Whitwell Endowed Fund in Wind Conducting – AE060720
William B. Stutler Endowment Marching Band Endowed Scholarship – AE0612
John B. and Beverly A. Webb Spartan Marching Band Endowed Scholarship – AE0682
Jeff and Diana Glass Endowed Scholarship – AB0121
Spartan Championship Drums Endowment – AE06773
Spartan Marching Band Jacket fund – AE060704

Ongoing Projects

The following projects are currently ongoing. Another great way to make a tax-deductible contribution to MSU and, at the same time, show your support of the MSU Bands!

John L. Whitwell Band Scholarship Fund (Alumni Band Project) – AE06072
Kenneth G. Bloomquist Band Scholarship (Alumni Band Project) – AE069
Brough Spartan Marching Band Leadership Award Fund – AE06777
Concert Bands Enhancement Fund – AE060742
SMB Director’s Special Fund – AE06070
MSU Bands Commissioning Project Fund – AE0687
Spartan Championship Drums Drum Corp International Fund – AE060747
Spartan Marching Band – AE0607

Spartan Marching Band – Gifts to this allocation count toward Spartan Fund benefits.
For more information on Spartan Fund membership, contact the Spartan Fund at
517-432-4610 or visit

Please Note

Checks should be made out to Michigan State University with the name of the fund (as indicated above) clearly noted on the memo portion of your check. This check must be sent separately from your dues/registration check in order to receive a tax deduction. Send your contribution to College of Music Advancement, Rebecca Surian, 102 Music Building, East Lansing, MI 48824. Please note that a gift of $2,000 or more may qualify you for recognition in one of MSU’s distinguished donor societies.