September 19, 2019

2019 Fall reunion music download

Alumni Band members,
Please select the following link then navigate to the folder for the appropriate instrument to download your music for the upcoming Fall Reunion.

>>>>>> Fall reunion music download <<<<<<

Note that there will be multiple files for most instruments – the three performance pieces (A Taste of Honey, Tradition, 1812 Overture), and a file using the name “standard” (which contains the Fight Song, Shadows, and various cheers). Not every instrument is available for each piece. Save the files to your computer, and print them out so that you can bring them to the reunion. Please take some time and review the music, and make sure everything that you need has been included in the files. After printing, the music can be cut to 5 1/4″ x 7″ to correctly fit in to a flip folder.

By viewing or downloading the music listed below, you agree to the following:

Members of the MSU Alumni Band may download this music solely in preparation for the MSU Alumni Band Reunion on September 28, 2019. Any other use is strictly prohibited – It is not intended for public use, other than as it relates to the scheduled performance on September 28, 2019.

Note that percussion parts are not yet available. As soon as we receive them, they will be emailed to all percussionists.

Some notes on the instrumentation:
– Alto horn players will be able to use the alto sax parts
– Baritones – we only have the BC part available for Tradition – no TC parts

Note that this page will no longer be available following the Alumni Band reunion.

Questions or problems? Please contact us at, or 517-351-4582.